Varnix - Connecting people that offer work with people that do work, and more...

We are integrating software applications professional people use with cryptocurrencies, we are bridging software development, sales crm and project management tools with cryptocurrencies, and much more... Got people that want to do business linked to people that want business.

New We are releasing a free application with two integrated apps in April / May 2018. Vote for apps to integrate!

What is it?

Varnix is not just a Decentralized Autonomous Job Market (DAJ), it is used to project and do the task managing, including worker’s payroll system in existing companies and institutions.

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How does it work?

By utilizing available software in order to create and manage projects and tasks, we are building a hook to a cryptocurrency pay list, also including reward and bonus model with manual or automatic task approving ability.

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In summary:

Basically, on one side it’s the project management tool, version control system and customer’s relationship management software, and on the other hand, we have cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and other decentralized systems. Varnix is the gateway between them.

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Publish tasks, jobs and projects on blockchain.

Announce your work tasks on blockchain. Create public tasks for free and find competent freelancers that will deliver. Or create private tasks within your project team. Select your worker or let the team compete, reward the one that finishes first or does the best job.

Earn as worker, freelancer or settle disputes.

Search for public tasks and work on varnix blockchain. Prove yourself as a good freelancer, earn cryptocurrency reward, develop your reputation, join teams and build your client network. Or settle disputes between workers and task givers. This breeds an opportunity for new job possibility – a blockchain dispute settler.

It’s built as a decentralized system.

The system will be built using cutting-edge blockchain and decentralized technologies, such as Ethereum, IPFS, Chainlink and others. They will ensure that there is no single point of failure. As well as no censorship, which is in tune with basic human rights, such as freedom of speech.

It is cheaper and without other third parties.

The task fee is only 3%, which makes it much cheaper than regular freelancing platforms or payroll handling through traditional banking institutions. The fees are split evenly between the stake of token holders. So stake holders can earn many different cryptocurrency, depending on parties agreement. In Varnix, a product owner can directly communicate and pay for the services of workers and freelancers.

Varnix Token

Token Name Varnix Token
Ticker VRX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Total Supply 120.000.000,00
Mined No
Contract address 0x89b51921e2e25b25763663c39CC7A82Af90f9b2a
Source code link

Token utility & value


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ICO is to be announced.

The ICO is planned to be initiated after the pre-sale phases are completed. This means that both, the pre-sale and ICO will be consisted of few phases. Ethereum will be used for them, and all of needed instruction to participate will be provided.

Vote for apps to integrate!

We will be integrating with two software products of your choosing. Vote for your favorite VCS, Sales CRM or PM tool.

Pos Logo Tool Progress Votes Vote Vote Vote
Pos Logo Tool Progress Votes Vote Vote Vote
Github 17% 115
Trello 15% 101
Jira 12% 81
MicrosoftPPM 9% 64
Asana 9% 61
Wrike 8% 55
Basecamp 5% 39
Hubspot 5% 37
Salesforce 4% 30
Bitbucket 4% 28
Gitlab 3% 26
Podio 2% 19

Additional Features

Swap Contract

A Swap Contract is an, agreed upon work, contract between parties that defines what needs to be done, what are the conditions that need to be met in order to prove the work completion and what is the reward. Basically, given a set of conditions, once all of them equate to true, the ownership swaps, the owner is given the work artifact and the worker is given an asset reward.


Auto-approving conditions of Swap Contracts are conditions that can be proven automatically, without any human interaction. They are mainly made by querying specific API resources of integrated software.


There are three levels of task transparency: public, private and anonymous.

Task transparency doesn’t deal with the task visibility only, it does much more. Task transparency is a representation of business secrecy on blockchain. And it is applied to three different aspects. The first aspect is the exact task or project visibility, secondly it is the bidder’s visibility, and the third aspect is the visibility of task worker.

Bonus System

The bonus system is built on top of the Swap Contracts. It is easy to see how this is possible. A bonus can be observed as specified condition that occurred during execution of work. Essentially, a bonus is an addition to job reward when a more strict condition is met. Some of these conditions can serve as templates to define some of the more regular means to describe bonus situations.


We plan to support USD Tether token cryptocurrency from the very start. A project can be funded using this crypto. Or it can be optionally used as a hedge when the owner funds the project with a different cryptocurrency. Both of the parties have the ability to check the hedging option. If only one of them does it, then they are the one paying the fee for it. But if both of them check in the hedging feature, then the fee is split among them. Both parties can negotiate these conditions during the bidding.

Skill System

Varnix introduces gamification based skill system where member’s actions can level up/down the member. Each member can define a set of skills they own and collects points for each one, so member’s “strength” in each skill can be measured. Actions that can impact specific skill points are:

• Endorsing other member’s skill
• Involvement in skill based dispute as voter
• Involvement in job as worker

Skills will be categorized and used as a job requirement (tag-like solution). Best practice for recruiters is to be precise while defining a job. It’s profitable for both for them and for potential workers.

Dispute System

We separate disputes into two categories: Skill and Non-skill based disputes.

Our platform gives tokenholders a possibility of being involved in dispute processes. Dispute can be activated for many reasons and it can be activated either by client side or freelancer side. Reasons are various: freelancer disappeared, client won’t confirm that job is done, etc…

Non skill-based disputes are easy to solve – so the cost of the dispute activation should not be expensive. The fee for a milestone dispute is 5.00 USD or 5%. We decided to extend the solution and set a maximum dispute fee: 50.00 USD, in order to avoid overpaid dispute fees.

On the other hand, skill-based disputes require knowledge and time, therefore fees are not fixed on the upper bound.

While designing dispute system, our goal was to categorize disputes and use different strategies for each category. After investigation, it was obvious that there are 2 conceptual and logical groups. Using this abstraction, we can experiment and find finesses needed to have fair, decentralized and effective dispute system.

Use Cases

Example #1

Using it as classic freelancing platform.

  • 1a – Owner publishes a task to Varnix
  • 1b – Owner funds the task
  • 1c – Owner sets the Approver
  • 2 – Freelancers bid to the task and agree to conditions
  • 3 – Owner picks a freelancer
  • 4 – Freelancer marks task as done
  • 5 – Approver checks the work and approves
  • 6 – The reward is released to the freelancer

Example #2

Using it to set up bonuses over task tree.

  • It is possible to set up bonuses on defined project.
  • It is also possible to set the bonuses on dependant tasks.
  • On the image we can see that accomplishing tasks at the same level release the bonus.
  • Some bonuses may have a due date.
  • By finishing entire project the team would get the greatest bonus.
  • There are many combinations and possibilities.

Example #3

Splitting a project into sub-tasks.

  • 1a – Owner publishes and funds a project to Varnix
  • 1b – Owner sets the project Manager
  • 1c – Owner sets the project Approver
  • 2 – Manager splits the project into sub-tasks
  • 3 – Freelancers bid to the task and agree to conditions
  • 4 – Manager picks a freelancer
  • 5 – Freelancer completes the work and marks task as done
  • 6 – Approver checks the work and approves
  • 7 – The reward is released to the freelancer

This concludes an advanced Varnix usage. But we can think of a similar scenario with auto-approval functionality. Bonus example: An experienced technical lead could write a test suite and split a project as issues over a vcs repository. Each issue would yield a reward. By setting the transparency appropriately, these tasks could be competitive, bounty tasks, and who ever would be the first to make the tests pass would get the reward automatically.



  • Initial concept and idea
  • Team formation
  • Extensive research
  • Initial design and theory

Q1 2018

  • Company formation
  • Basic marketing strategy
  • Initial design and visual identity
  • Website development
  • Extended research, theory and oversight minimizing
  • System architecture and modeling
  • Whitepaper published

Q2 2018 -

  • To be announced


Graditelli Software Ltd. – United freelance people ready to deliver rapidly. We are a collective of well-trained and experienced engineers and designers, each further specialized in their own niche, prompt to construct business ideas.

By applying agile principles, more concretely, by doing a combination of disciplined agile delivery with SCRUM, our labor is methodologically sound. We have built many desktop, web and mobile applications.

We believe that doing is the best, but it doesn't start without a good plan. That is why we like to separate first week or two for thrice planning and system modeling and design. After which the implementation phases start, with rapid response to any change.

One of our other advantages is in our communication philosophy. Like we said, we like to do, so we try to minimize the time for unnecessary talk. We split our tasks using project management tools and execute them in parallel. We have reduced the informational communicational channels and placed our focus on the content channels. These principles allow us to do work very efficiently.

We are hiring blockchain experts and advisors.

Join us! Please contact us here. Or send us an email to:

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